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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  12/9/2021  - Holiday Game Night

Fun game


movie playing

Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  11/18/2021  - Thanksgiving Potluck
A simple get together where people bring in their favorite foods and plays games(board games, corn hole). As well,  annouce the winner for the food drive.
  3/25/2022  - Boot, Scoot and Boogie Dance
The plan is an barn dance stay dance with all ffa members that are in Arizona are also invited.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  10/28/2021  - Spook-tacular

Spook-tacular will be an event for all members and friend where they will be having a costum contest. As well, watch a movie and be announcing the start of the food drive.


  12/7/2021  - Greenhand Banquet
Give out all the green hand degrees to the people that earn it.
  4/5/2022  - County Fair
Students will be going to the county fair.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  12/3/2021  - District CDE
Members in the westwood FFA who chose to be in a CDE will be competing in the the MPS district.
  2/4/2022  - District CDE
Members in the westwood FFA who chose to be in a CDE will be competing in the the MPS district.
  2/25/2022  - State CDE
Students will participate in CDE's in Tucson.
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  1/10/2022  - Program Recruitment
The Westwood Ag Department will go to the Junior high schools and will tell you about FFA and what there is to be offered.
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  11/6/2021  - Land Lab Work day
The land lab will be a community service hour where students will be able to help clean up and strengthen the land lab. As well give a change for students to bond.
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  3/14/2022  - Agriculture Literacy
Westwood is going to elementary schools and read to them.
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  2/21/2022  - FFA Week
In FFA week we will have a kick ball day.
  3/19/2022  - Westwood Livestock Show
Westwood will be holding a livestock show in the Westwood Ag Department.
  4/18/2022  - Earth Day
Kids will compete in a trash picking contest, water their trees, and grass whichever grade has the cleanest area will get a candy bag which they can reuse around the house.
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  4/21/2022  - Banquet
An end of year awards ceronony to acknowledge the members of our chapter. We will recognize outstanding students and their acomplishments by goving awards and prizes. We will say our goodbyes to the old team and welcome the new team, Afrer we will all eat, talk, and have fun for theh rest if teh night.
Building Communities - Economic Development
  2/5/2022  - Citrus U Pick
Member will have a chance to earn extra credit with the Citrus U Pick,  where students will be able to pick Citruses fi the people who buyed to the fruits.
Building Communities - Citizenship
  10/28/2021  - Food Drive
Human Food drive, nun perishable food for donates and for who ever class wins they will have a pizza party.
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  1/27/2022  - Guest Speaker night
We will have a guest speaker where they will talk aboit their FFA experance.
Chapter Officers:
Edward Vicente Alvarez
Marilyn Alexa Tarin
Abigail Herringshaw
Ethan Michael Michelena
Dezirae Tarin


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