Westwood FFA
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  Student Leadership  
Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  4/22/2021  - End of year Banquet
  6/10/2021  - State Leadership Camp
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  1/28/2021  - Greenhand Banquet
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  12/15/2020  - Chapter Meeting/Movie
In the Chapter meeting we will be going over plans for the movie to be covid safe and have a Christmas themed movie for everyone to enjoy. Have people vote for a christmas movie, and I'll be bringing food.
  1/12/2021  - Chapter Meeting
  2/16/2021  - FFA Week
  2/26/2021  - Spring Conference
  3/16/2021  - Chapter Meeting

We will be talking about an ffa dance that will be held the same month and planning help for the dance. We will have an egg activity.

Building Communities - Economic Development
  2/1/2021  - Citrus U Pick
We will be out in the Citrus orchard selling all citrus we have for $5 a bag.
  5/31/2021  - Egg Sales End
Building Communities - Human Resources
  2/16/2021  - Chapter Meeting
Building Communities - Citizenship
  3/26/2021  - FFA Dance
We will be having a dance out in the land lab and building a strong and fun "bond" with one another while being safe due to covid.
  5/2/2021  - Teacher Appreciation Week
  5/20/2021  - Last Day of school
Chapter Officers:
Cynthia Fish
Evelyne Hernandez Vera
Alysha Duncan
Anabel Ramirez Gomez
Daesha Begay


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